Undercuts & Hair Graphics [2015]

The Undercut is undoubtedly 2015’s edgiest look

With inspiration from European street style, the Undercut has pounced on the trendy and edgy alike. This year we see daring ladies (and gents) rocking the grungy style. Being conservative South Africa, we’re only really starting to see this year’s “cool kid” look now. But mark our words, this is only the beginning.

How to wear the Undercut

There is no steadfast rule regarding the Undercut. Anything goes, and the inclusion of hair graphics are a personalized and unique finishing touch. Take inspiration from geometric patterns like triangles, stripes and aztec designs. Wear your undercut shaved into one side, both sides, just the nape of the neck, and with any length hair. The versatility of having an undercut with longer length hair is that you can be demure and “normal” with it down, or have a little edge with it up.

Need some inspiration? – Here is our latest collection of awesome clients rockin’ the look!

Undercut Floyds cut Anya haircut

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Celebrity Muse – Ruby Rose


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