Give Your Locks A Post Party Season Detox

At Floyds, we’re uber fans of the holidays. Our 3 other favourite F-words – Food, Festivities, and Family.

Time To make December our favourite time of year.  It’s a never-ending circus of over-indulgent celebrations….

Oh… Hello January, you sneaky party pooper, we can’t say that we are happy to see you, but fear not people, we have put together some post-holiday-partying detox tips to get rid of those January blues. Time to lift up your spirits, and your luscious locks after all that indulging.

From smashing way too much into your face at Christmas dinner, to having one too many glasses – um, bottles – of champagne on New Year’s Eve, to heat styling your hair to death for all your party-partying, there’s no better time for a reset than the start of 2019. 

To help you out, and because we are all about the sharing and the caring, we’ve rounded up our top post-holiday detox tipsso you can start the new year off like the sexy little minx we all know you are…

Commit to doing a hair mask twice a week

If there’s one thing the holiday season is filled with, it’s parties that require you to look dead sexy. From casual dinner parties with family to work events, and New Year’s celebrations, most of us have been getting dolled up more than usual. This means your hair has had to endure a lot more heat styling than it does on an ordinary basis, so replenishing the moisture in your strands is the best post-holiday detox for your hair.  From curling irons to straighteners and everything in between, all the heat used on your hair this holiday season can leave it feeling drier than an episode of Carte Blanche so it’s important to rehydrate your strands with a nourishing hair mask. It’s easy – choose your favourite Netflix binge, kickback, relax, and let the mask do the work. If you want to maximize your results, we recommend leaving your mask on overnight (if you position yourself just right you can even indulge in a bit of NetFlix and chilling wink wink 😉) – Just be sure to put a towel down on your pillow to prevent any mess – from the hair mask people! Keep it clean please!

Go green with your hair routine

Okay, so you’ve taken a look at your eating habits and figured out your late night tendency to reach for a bag of chips isn’t doing your body any good, but what about your hair products? The best post-holiday detox tips are about purging your existing routine before adding in new habits. Next time you’re about to head to the store to restock on your shampoo, conditioner, or styling products, take a moment to think about whether they are actually good for your body. Many conventional haircare products are packed with toxic chemicals that can be detrimental in the long run. We suggest reaching for natural, plant-based formulas that are free of sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances so you can nourish your hair properly without exposing yourself to harmful ingredients. Besides, going green is cool, just ask your nearest Vegan…

Try out a heatless hairstyle

Spending less time on your hair means spending more time on the things you love. Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to get healthier hair. Give your strands a post-holiday detox by willing yourself to go without heat styling a few times a week. We know that some of you may be shocked at the thought, but not only will your hair look better naturally over time as you’ll be avoiding the damage caused by hot tools, you’ll also save yourself a ton of time in the mornings.

There we go – 3 easy tips that barely require any effort at all. Ditch the New Years resolutions because hey, it will only be about 2 weeks before you’re back to your delightful, non-gymming, whiskey slugging selves, but for the love of God, just do this for your hair, it’s the ONLY accessory you wear 24/7 and although we can make you look sexy most of the time, we are stylists, not magicians.