Faceoff – The power of facials

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Here at Floyd’s, we’re all about functional grooming – making you look and feel the best you can with minimal fuss in a rocking and fun environment.

One of the most underrated bodywork treatments we now offer is a Booster. In lamens terms, a facial. We can’t stress the importance of this stage of grooming enough. Gone are the days where facials were considered a female thing only. Statistically men’s skin is 20% thicker than female counterparts, and this sounds like a good thing right? Yes, but only in the fact that it ages slower. Your skin is also bombarded daily with sun exposure (The joy’s of living in South Africa), pollution, free radicals and even the over processed foods we eat, contribute to the nasties. The major draw back to this is that men’s skin have a lot more problems than women’s. The main problems are:

• Larger pores
• Overactive sebaceous glands – meaning they produce a lot more oil
• Less natural moisture
• Prone to black heads

Soaps and shower gels will undoubtedly leave you feeling squeaky clean, but they tend to be very harsh on the skin, removing natural oil and drying it out even more. This becomes a vicious circle, the more you wash your face, the drier it gets and the more your sebaceous glands work overtime to produce the natural oil to moisturise it, causing breakouts and blackheads. This is where the power of having a correct cleansing regime comes in. We suggest using a professional product range, like Theravine, to wash and moisturise with everyday.

A quick, “mini booster” is all you need to get your skin back on track, but we suggest a “Full Booster” once a month to keep you looking and feeling your best. This consists of:

• A deep cleanse
• Toning
• ExfoliatingTheravine logo
• Black head extracts
• Masking
• Moisturising

All with professional products tailored to your specific skin requirements. Try it out. Give your face a boost.

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