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Give Your Locks A Post Party Season Detox

At Floyds, we’re uber fans of the holidays. Our 3 other favourite F-words – Food, Festivities, and Family. Time To make December our favourite time of year.  It’s a never-ending circus of over-indulgent celebrations…. Oh… Hello January, you sneaky party pooper, we can’t say that we are happy to see you, but fear not people,… Read more »

Show off your mad Instagram skills! Take the #Floyds99Challenge

Show us your mad, talented Instagram skills and you could win a fantastic Floyd’s voucher at the end of every month! Ok, now this is where it gets interesting. We’re all about a fun, rockin experience at Floyd’s, but we want to see it through your eyes. Your unique, fun, personal,  life changing, hair raising Floyd’s… Read more »

9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Massages

back massage

So, you know that we’re offering a whole new range of functional grooming services here at Floyd’s. But why should you indulge in these bodywork treatments? Well we’ve put together a list of surprising health benefits of our services, specifically, massage. There is a preconceived idea that having a massage is a ‘luxury thing’, and yes,… Read more »

A Floyd’s Man – Functional Grooming

Grooming service description and price list

Functional grooming. In. Out. Fresh. Yes, you’re a man’s man. A beer drinking, sport watching, beard loving, DIY home improving bloke. But you also like to look good, and a little bit of grooming goes a long way. I mean, who doesn’t like to feel fresh? And just think of the added bonus…the Mrs. is… Read more »