4 Reasons Why Men’s Grooming is Man-tastic: Myth vs Fact

Traditionally, Floyd’s has been a hair only stop for local lads (and ladies), but with the growing need for men to have a fuss free, masculine environment where they can get de-stressed and de-fuzzed, while listening to rocking music, Floyd’s has introduced functional grooming to our list of services. This seems like a good idea in terms of supply versus demand, but some gent’s are still asking themselves, “Why on earth would I want, nevermind need, body treatments?” And we agree, there is a fine line between looking and feeling good, freshening up, so to say, and going all ‘metrosexual’and New Yorky. Come on, you’re still a real man, right, bru?

So, in case you were wondering, we’ve busted 4 myths associated with men’s grooming. Here goes:



3.Men's grooming myth's vs facts infographics4. OC277-FLOYDS-INFOGRAPHIC-02-4

So there you have it, 4 reasons why men’s grooming is man-tastic. Drop us a line on 0114671150 or contact us for an appointment.